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I can't fill in the gaps in the DEM map

You might find the QGIS tool "Fill nodata" useful here. This tool would allow you to fill in nodata cells by interpolating another cell within a distance you can set. For example if you have ...
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Merging DEM with different resolutions

You would have to either standardize the resolution to merge the two or you could choose to create a mosaic dataset with the two raster files.
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130 TIF DEM file (total size 3 GB) become 7.4 GB TIF file after merging. Why?

Most times when raster processing output is a lot larger than the raster inputs, the cause is different compression settings. Namely, the input rasters used significantly stronger compression than the ...
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Way of creating "fake" DEM data in QGIS

The SAGA gis toolkit has some commands for generating raster grids via various methods. For example, you can generate some sort of Gaussian noise grid: using the SAGA command: saga_cmd ...
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DEM < 10 Meters - Greece

If you use QGIS, there is a pre-installed worldwide DEM under XYZ-tiles, called Mapzen global terrain. For Greece, there seems to be a resolution of ca. 4 m. You can load it in QGIS as raster layer ...
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