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Raster DEM projection rendering problem

Your DEM is in a geographic CRS (coordinate are in degree and reference the location on an ellipsoid). If you dont set a specific projection QGIS use by default an less than adequate projection (Plate ...
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Detect sharp changes in elevation

Use the slope tool in Arc with D8 or Dinf checked, and output set as degree. It will generate a raster which you can then threshold in your raster calculator. These sharp changes are likely above 85° ...
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Polygons from a raster within an elevation range

Using standard Qgis Contour that is a front end to gdal_contour utility. The solution to draw polygons instead lines is to add these parameters in addition to the command line, -amin -amax is the ...
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Polygons from a raster within an elevation range

As a workaround you could use this workflow: You need to translate your Line-Geometry to a Polygon-Geometry. You could use a buffer with a very small buffersize for this. If you habe more than one ...
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Adjusting heights of two DTM rasters using ArcMap

If I understand your post, this is the situation: The summer DTM values are correct. Some (or all) winter DTM values do not match their corresponding summer values. Therefore, they are in error and ...
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