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Calculating distance from point to line, depending on unique ID using QGIS

You can create a "Virtual Layer", that will join the two layers by plot "ID" then compute the distance: Go to the menu Layer > Add Layer > Add/Edit Virtual Layer... and enter ...
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Finding distance between two different point layers in QGIS

I had a similar problem: The Receiver layer had 48600 points and I needed to find the closest point in the Source layer (15900 points). QGIS>Vector>Analysis Tools> Distance Matrix. 1."...
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Adding break/vertex on a polyline from points

An easy way to do this is to use the "Snap geometries to layer" tool from the Processing Toolbox with the following options: Input layer: the polyline you want to add vertices to Reference ...
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R Distance from Point to Line: Negative if within shape

Outine solution: Cast the polygons to lines using st_cast and compute distances of pounts to lines (otherwise you get zero for the distance of points inside polygons). Use st_intersects on the ...
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Python: Open a (line) shapefile and calculate distance to point given as a longitude-latitude tuple

Python packages have matured a lot since this question was asked. Here is a complete solution. import pandas as pd import geopandas as gpd # The 2021 Hurricane Ida 2021 track line. From here: # ...
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Distance between two points on OSM without routing information

I would give a shot to Download OSM data and import into postgis Execute pgRouting routines. Seems simpler, but I haven't tried it myself only ...
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