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I had the same problem in QGIS 3.12. For me it was solved by resetting the snapping options (under Project > Snapping options).


Click the Edit tab on the ribbon, click Create (see screenshot below), then select the layer you want to add points to in the Create Features pane. Afterwards, just make sure to save your Edits.


You have to save the layer, for instance I add data from a *.csv file and you will work perfect with that data but if you don't save the layer as a shapefile using right click > save object or similar (I have qgis in spanish) you are not going to be able to edit it.


You need to select the last drawn polygon, which is the default behaviour when you draw a new polygon, and then go to Editing toolbar’s dropdown menu (little downward arrow). Find Clip tool there and pick the Discard area overlapping option. Make sure only polygon that you want to clip is selected and only polygon layer to be clipped is visible. If you have ...


While you have the feature selected, right-click the layer in the table of contents, click Selection, then Create Layer From Selected Features. ArcGIS will create a new layer containing only that feature, and it will be set as a randomly-colored filled polygon by default. You could also turn on editor tracking on your dataset. Then you could symbolize the ...


The short answer is Yes, but creating and editing a TIN surface is beyond the scope of this forum, you need to be training yourself if you are asking such questions. As you have tagged this as an ArcMap question I suggest you head over to esri training and complete the Creating 3D Data using ArcGIS course.

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