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ArcGIS Pro Pixel Editor - Saving takes forever

A 3GB raster is a large dataset so any edits will take time. Perhaps you can get smarter with your edits. You don't actually describe in any way what you are doing so maybe these pixel locations you ...
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Adding new vertex using QGIS Vertex editor

Caution. In some versions of QGIS it only works if you have the pixel option enabled instead of map units.
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Merging lines shows up as two parts in vertex list

I get this issue a lot when merging M-enabled lines in ArcGIS Desktop 10.8. I have ensured that the lines are both oriented in a consecutive direction, that the common endpoints are snapped to each ...
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Updating attribute field with values from list calculation using PyQGIS

Try this logic: a = [134.24, 134.24, 134.24, 134.99] b = [58.848430067837946, 70.46615125391358, 63.02756211443306, 60.662300968221174] c = 0.6673779977746334 newlayer = iface.activeLayer() with ...
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QGIS couldn't commit changes to layer on a database

The best option is to export this layer to the file. Once loaded after saving, everything should work fine.
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