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Moving node in QGIS?

If the layer in which you want to edit the vertices has symbology, sometimes QGIS seems to only allow you to select the vertex (shown with a blue circle), but not to move it. I solve this situation by ...
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Snapping edge of one polygon to another using ArcGIS Pro

I solved this by holding Ctrl and moving the point, snapping it to the corner of the polygon, then I could snap the polygon from the corner to the corner of the polygon I wanted to move it to
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Edit ArcGIS Feature Service with QGIS

Looks like it's possible according to this:
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Change value of most recent added feature using PyQGIS

I found a solution that does the job for me. for feat in ftsPoly: #doing a lot of things with ftsPoly to get coordinates for my points.. lawis_Pts.startEditing() lawisfeat = QgsFeature(...
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