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Ok, thanks to Vince and ahmadhanb for the guidance. I was convinced the issue was with my lack of my python skills but I went back to square one and looked at my data after and found the first row of my CSV was 'pathname' and was the cause of the error.


cvr_rasters will be a list of only raster names with no path/workspace. When you change workspace after it is created the rasters will not be found. Try adding path to each raster: ... arcpy.env.workspace = CVR cvr_rasters = arcpy.ListRasters() cvr_rasters = [os.path.join(CVR, r) for r in cvr_rasters] ... Same goes for lss_rasters since you change ...


I think to make your script work you should: remove all the arcpy.Raster() calls # Set names for optional output rasters, seems not working??? outDirectRad = arcpy.Raster(outNameDirect) outDiffuseRad = arcpy.Raster(outNameDiff) outDirectDur = arcpy.Raster(outNameDirDur) change the call to like this: # Execute ...

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