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Write a raster to an Esri ArcSDE geodatabase using FME

I think you may be using the wrong writer. You probably have "Esri Geodatabase (ArcSDE Geodb)" and need "Esri Geodatabase (ArcSDE Geodb Raster Dataset)".
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QGIS (3.32.0) not recognizing some feature classes in file geodatabase created by ArcGIS Pro (3.2.49)

Have not found a workaround, but the issue comes with the latest version of ArcGIS Pro. The ObjectID Data Type of all the features that do not load in the geodatabase are 64bit while all the ones that ...
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Cannot acquire lock from remote geodatabases on NAS

In ArcGIS Desktop 10.8.2 in 2024 the issue occurs when editing an FGDB DC direct from a SSD HDD running win11 64x. Only 1 instance of Arc open and no windows explorer for the FGDB folder etc So as to ...
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