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Drawing routes (on road shapefile) between X,Y coordinates in QGIS

It's a fast fix: The basic idea is to convert your points to a WKT Well-known text representation of geometry in EXCEL and export it as CSV data into QGIS. Therefore we create a new field (column) in ...
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Select features by joining table in QGIS

You can use an expression. I have a point layer called random with the field FIELD_1. I have dragged and dropped an excel table called abcd with a field named Field1. I want to select all points whose ...
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Select features by joining table in QGIS

It is a one line command with ogrinfo or ogr2ogr. Take a shapefile that has an id field "shp_id" Then take an Excel table that has on id field "excel_id" Excel_ids 10, 11, and 12 ...
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