You can do this by adding a VirtualField to your layer (which will be calculated upon feature update/creation), using the following expression: aggregate( layer:= 'Polygons', aggregate:= 'concatenate', expression:= Id, concatenator:= '-', filter:= contains($geometry, geometry(@parent)), order_by:= -area($geometry) ) In this case Polygons is the ...


You can count the number of nodes in your legend using PyQGIS like below (standalone use) project = QgsProject.instance() manager = project.layoutManager() layout = manager.layoutByName('myLayout') # We consider only one legend itemLegend = [item for item in layout.items() if isinstance(item, QgsLayoutItemLegend)][0] # It's a tree, we should follow it ...


This is probably because your total_properties field is numeric and concatenate only works on string data types (why QGIS doesn't autoconvert numeric values for this is beyond me - perhaps in a future release). Try using expression:=to_string("total_properties") in your expression and see if that works.


You can use the map variant of replace, where the map is a series of key-value, the key being the string being searched for and the value being the replacement string replace("Label",map('Ñ','K̲','Ý','X̲','Ç','G̲','ç','ɢ̲'))

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