CASE WHEN array_contains(array_distinct(array_agg("MH1")), "MH#") OR array_contains(array_distinct(array_agg("MH2")), "MH#") THEN color_rgb(255,0,0) ELSE color_rgb(255,255,0) END


..I got it! I use this expression for a composer item label with 'insert expression': aggregate(layer:='Corridors_86ef2ea9_d1a1_4d9f_9735_7b7b2fb54cb2', aggregate:='concatenate', expression:="Name", filter:=within($geometry, map_get( item_variables('Main Map'), 'map_extent')), concatenator:=', ') Works like a charm:)


You can compute the duration between the two dates using the age function. Since it returns a timespan, you can then extract the number of days from it. day(age(now(),"creation_date"))

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