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Clipping raster image using coordinates from CSV file with Python

You can clip using rasterio.mask and geopandas: import geopandas as gpd import rasterio, os from shapely import box from rasterio.mask import mask raster_file = r"/home/bera/Drives/data1/gisdata/...
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Calculating the Oriented Bounding Box (OBB) of polygon or point set

Currently, there are two great implementations of this for Python and PostGIS. Python The shapely Python library provides the oriented_envelope method. There's the alias named ...
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PyQGIS - zoom/fit layer extent to map item layout extent

I have solved the issue ensuring my map fit properly within a specific layout on QGIS, here is the following code snippet: canvas_extent = canvas.extent() layout_aspect_ratio = page_width / ...
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