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As already posted in this answer, this now also works very nicely with sf: require(sf) fc <- sf::st_read("C:/path/to/your/filegeodatabase.gdb", layer = "some_featureclass") But writing into a fgdb ist not implemented (yet?), you'd have to have a ArcGIS / ArcMap License as well as the R library arcgisbinding (see ...


the equivalent of go2nextfeature for QGIS3 is the pluggin named Go2NextFeature3 (you need to check the "Show also experimental plugins" in the plugin settings to be able to see it)


As @Erik said rule-based styling should work. Another approach might be to use the catchment area of the school (vector) to spatially join the pupils (points) to that area. Then use the information inside the attribute table for your symbology rules. Might be of help: Understanding Join Attributes by Location in QGIS?

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