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How to replicate QGIS's Identify Features functionality with ogr2ogr when downloading data from WFS endpoint?

Your issue has something to do with the attribute with a name "name". Name has some special meaning in GML3 but unfortunately I don't exactly understand what. I can only show by examples ...
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Export just the route within bbox from Overpass Turbo, not the tags / way points?

It seems all you have to do is to leave out recourse down >; part of your query (see Your query would then look ...
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Loop an operation in all features

Check your field data type. If it is decimal you will have to convert your datarange variable to a float. Your code should work. I tested with putting a decimal in datarange. Also getting the ...
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Loop an operation in all features

You can use an expression like this, which you can execute using python like this. If you dont want to use expression you can: import datetime layer = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName("...
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