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Thanks for your feedback and comments. Its highlighted where my problem is. The points have only got 4 decimal places which means many points are lying on top of each other. The resolution of the gps tracker doesn't allow for higher resolution. Of the 1821 points in the attribute table there are only 1127 unique points.


For anyone facing this problem in the future I got to the bottom of it. The problem was that I was adding multiple interactions at the same time - i.e. Modify, Translate, and Select. I saw this issue only selecting points and lineStrings while all the interactions were active. If I only use the interactions one at a time (although Translate and Select seem ...


In the end I found a simple solution. if someone is going to have the same problems, here is the solution: QGis 3.X Layer properties -> select the attribute (that you want to capitalize,or whatever) -> Defaults -> set default value to upper( "NAME") , check Apply default value on update -> apply


You could use python to check each time the attribute value is changed or added and convert it to uppercase if necessary. According to the PyQGIS API docs the attributeValueChanged signal is emitted whenever an attribute value change is done in the edit buffer. And the featureAdded signal is emitted when a new feature has been added to the layer. You can ...


If you take a look at actual GeoJSON data, you'll see that it's coded in EPSG:4326, so reading features statement should be: var features = (new ol.format.GeoJSON()).readFeatures(data.geometry, {dataProjection: 'EPSG:4326', featureProjection: 'EPSG:27700'}); You'll also have to change order of layers in map declaration, otherwise features will be covered ...


The easiest way is to set up two NAME field (NAME_1 and NAME_2 for exemple). The first being directly fill by the user, the second set as "hidden" in the feature form and with a default value set to upper("NAME_1"), don't forget to check the "Apply default value on update" box. This will give you a field with the country name in uppercase but you will also ...

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