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Selecting unsymbolised features in QGIS

As mentioned in the edits to the question, there are a couple of issues with right-clicking on the symbol and selecting Select features - if your fields have NULL values, or your symbols are scale-...
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Selecting unsymbolised features in QGIS

In the layer panel expend the symbology of your layer then right click on the red dot symbol. In the contextual menu there is the "Select Features" that will select all feature symbolized ...
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Copy and Paste in QGIS for plugin

While performing a copy-paste operation in a QGIS environment, the field names and data type must be the same between the layers. You can also perform copy-and-paste operations without using a plugin.
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How to modify a feature's JSON attribute on PostGIS with QGIS

Unlike jsonb, the regular json type is pretty much just a pre-validated text. You could alter table your_table alter column connectionpoints type text using (connectionpoints::text) --,add ...
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