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Eliminating missing pixels in NDVI time series analysis by temporal gap filling with linear interpolation to get a smooth result

To make the time series smoother, use the moving average function that is available in the below link: code ...
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How to use AJAX request to filter WFS data?

Reason why $.ajax call does not work is missing &outputFormat=application/json parameter in the WFS url, so returned result is not JSON and so $.ajax rejects it. Since you don't have error ...
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Google Earth Engine Filter Out Incomplete Sentinel images by Geometry

To filter out images with incomplete coverage of a geometry, you can calculate the percentage of the geometry covered by unmasked pixels and use that to filter the collection. Calculating Pixel ...
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Apply the same filter expression at the provider level to several layers of the TOC in QGIS in one single operation

Too late answer, I think, but may be useful for others: I had the same problem, needing to use the same filter expression on a number of layers, '"versjon"=<some version number>' So I ...
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QGIS Attribute Form -> Value Relation -> Filter expression: expressions or functions to get the names of current layer and current field

You could itterate through all layers in a pyqgis script or use it in filter function editor and call it in filters layer = iface.mapCanvas().currentLayer() def foo(layer): fields = layer.fields()...
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