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I've been stuck on an issue quite similar to yours by having a custom control with a scrollable div inside. At least a partial solution can be achieved by using lines like this: var elem = L.DomUtil.get('yourelementid'); L.DomEvent.on(elem, 'mousewheel', L.DomEvent.stopPropagation); where elem is the element that's laid out over the map. This prevents ...


While the answer that you have posted works, it doesn't really get to the root of the issue. The error indicates that you are trying to load the JSON from a a location that is not on the same domain. In the OP's case, the application is not being hosted from a webserver, and is trying to load the JSON from the file system. The real solution for this is to ...


If I am understanding you correctly, you've copied the esri.css file from the server to your local server. This won't work because that esri.css file references images and possibly other resources on the server. It references those relative to the location of the css file. The css file is on your server but those required images ...


This seems to be due to how different browsers implement In a typical "wired" desktop situation, Chrome/IE/Edge only return one single position, while Firefox returns multiple (even if it hasn't changed). If you switch to for example using the internet via a cellphone connection, ...


Not sure how this question ended up in GIS stack exchange. Garmin no longer supports the browser plugins. You'll need to install garmin express to manage and sync your device to garmin connect. If you have an account on strava you can also sync those accounts.


This probably has nothing to do with Leaflet — it requests tile images the same way as other JS libraries, and caching is fully handled by the browser. Check your browser/devtools settings.


If I change the zoom variable to the following, it works also in Firefox: var zoom = d3.behavior.zoom().on("zoom", function() { dptos.attr("transform", "translate(" + d3.event.translate + ")" + " scale(" + d3.event.scale + ")"); }); I hope it helps.


Working here on Ubuntu 14.04.1 and Firefox 31:


This might have to do with some browser security features in Firefox that block access to local files, that aren't present in chrome/IE. It might require using a proxy to make it look like it's from somewhere else, or a workaround to the local restriction. A few links below that might explain a bit better. Blog post from a GIS developer who had a kml ...

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