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Be aware of the version compatibilities between FME & ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro. For ArcMap 10.8.1 you need at least FME 2019.1.2 For ArcGIS Pro 2.9 you need at least FME 2021.0.2 If you want to use ArcMap (which is 32 bit) for the licensing part of FME (which is probably 64 bit), you need to install 64-bit Background Geoprocessing to fix the 32-bit vs 64-...


Finally, problem solved. It's compatibility question. ArcGis Server 10.9.1 can only work with FME Server 2021.2.. and upper. Earlier FME server versions just can't see newer Enterprise and we've got license error.


OK, so you'll need FME2022, build 22255 or greater. Currently, only 22245 is available on the website, so you'll have to wait a little while anyway. Plus it's still in beta, in case that's important to you. I put together a short video demo that you can find here: Basically: Separate the horizontal and vertical information from ...


The European Vertical Reference Frame 2007 belongs to the pan-European Coordinate Reference Systems and addresses land/ sea based height normalization efforts of the EU between 1994 and 2019. EVRF2007_AMST / NH normal heights of the UELN adjustment of 2008 in relation to the tide gauge Amsterdam (NAP) (also known as EVRF2007) EVRF2007_AMST / CP ...

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