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error: Too many arguments to function

The issues are produced because is mandatory to have 4 thresholds and 4 dmultiindex variables (or 8 because there are before and after events). I fixed almost all the code but I left a small part for ...
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error: Too many arguments to function

The primary issue with your function call is that the get method only accepts a single argument, but you are attempting to pass four. Here’s the line causing the issue: var threshold = otsu(histogram....
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Combine dissolve aggfunc and lambda function

You can use the .axis parameter to tell pandas to calculate quantile column-wise: df.dissolve(by="region", aggfunc={"transactions":"count", "psqm":["count&...
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Changing property name within function in Google Earth Engine

Specify the name you want on the reducer via setOutputs and skip the renaming step.
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