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Converting Coordinates formatted as Lat 4531.38153 Long 12347.2328 to Decimal Degrees?

They look like Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM) with the degree and minutes symbols dropped. Try reading Lat 4531.38153 Long 12347.2328 as Lat 45° 31.38153' Long 123° 47.2328' You may find this PGC ...
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Garmin FIT Coordinate System

For the latitudes and longitudes, you can divide the numbers by 11930465 (2^32 / 360) to get values in decimal degrees. The values seem to be stored in a signed 32-bit integer range, to represent the ...
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Convert Garmin or iPhone weird GPS Coordinates

@AndreJ's answer is right. I just add the reason for this "strange" number : it seems Garmin stores its angular coordinates using a 32-bit integer, so that gives 232 possible values. We want ...
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Can I import a kmz file directly from ArcMap 10 to Garmin GPS?

ArcMap 10.x has a tool for creating KML files directly. The kmz files created by the Map to KML tool in ArcMap 10 can be opened in Google Earth but do NOT work directly on Garmin GPS units. This is ...
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Import waypoints from Garmin GPSmap into R

I found that (not surprisingly) the waypoints are found in all of the .gpx files whose filenames start with "Waypoints". I also found the function plotKML::readGPX to be the most intuitive for me. ...
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Converting Coordinates formatted as Lat 4531.38153 Long 12347.2328 to Decimal Degrees?

I suppose it might be NMEA. It has quite strange coordinates representation: lat is DDMM.MMMMM and lon is DDDMM.MMMMM.
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Can't simplify track with gpsbabel

It's necessary to include the -t option to force simplify to operate on tracks: gpsbabel -t -i gdb -f ContDiv.gdb -x simplify,count=475 -o gpx -F ContDiv3.gpx Note that your coordinates should be in ...
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Loading photos with latitude and longitude?

Yes, there is a Photos toolset in ArcGIS. I think what you're trying to do is create points from photo locations. To do that, use the Geotagged Photos to Points tool. Here's an article to Import ...
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Uploading shapefile onto Garmin GPS, and displaying it over basemap?

I just wanted to let anyone know the best solution I found to this problem. I got my roads uploaded through DNR GPS, which is the best program I've seen for uploading things to Garmin GPS. However, ...
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Calculating distance travelled along track in QGIS?

Field Calculator is the abacus icon. Select the layer you want and open the field calculator. Insert details for new field and write the expression $length and click 'ok'. A new column has been ...
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Calculating distance travelled along track in QGIS?

The reason why you do not see the length in the attribute table is that the length (and area) of features are implicit attributes of their geometries. They are not stored by default, they need to be ...
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Handwritten cordinates from eTrex 10

I hope this may help you. I did some research on Sri Lanka coordinate systems at spatial reference. I found some crs that may apply to your problem. For testing purposes I used EPSG 5324 (Kandawala / ...
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What are the units for Garmin's GPX gpxtpx:speed?

it is documented here: <xsd:element name="speed" type="MetersPerSecond_t" minOccurs="0"/> and type MetersPerSecond_t is defined as ...
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How to extract GPS information from Garmin Cam 20 video files

I've recently bought Garmin Dash Cam 35, hoping that format will be similar. Well, it isn't. First of all: files are MP4, not AVI. GPS data seems to be stored in 22 bytes of SEI message. I was able ...
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Transfering topographic map from ArcMap onto Garmin GPS?

Yes it is possible to create a custom basemap for a Garmin unit. It isn't straightforward or well documented. It definitely isn't supported by Garmin. There are a few ways of doing it, but the steps I ...
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How to improve GPS recording?

There are a couple solutions I can think of, but based on what I was able to find on the Dakota 10, neither is applicable because the device doesn't support them. We would prefer missing over wrong ...
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Getting water depth data in QGIS

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for bathymetric data, that is, the topography of the seabed. As a general remark, bathymetric data is taken using echo-sounders. As echo-...
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How to publish a QGIS map for use with Garmin/Android?

Maptiler can do that for you, turning your QGIS maps into map tiles that can be used to set up a tile layer in your MapView view. It's not the cheapest option, but it's the easiest I've seen so far. ...
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Transfering topographic map from ArcMap onto Garmin GPS?

Export it as tiff with world file and then use OkMap's MapTiling/Garmin Custom Maps utility to create a tiled kmz for uploading to your GPS. I believe OkMap is free, at least for this functionality, ...
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Transferring shapefile to Garmin Monterra with labels/attributes

Go to this site: Download the tool - Features to GPX Export your data as GPX and load that onto your Garmin. The ...
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Installing Garmin Device on ArcMap?

Your GPS is a USB device. You probably need to do some port mapping on your machine to expose it as a COM port. This is windows version dependent but you can get general how-to here
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Live Tracking with Garmin inReach explorer+

As far as I can see from using my Inreach, and some knowledge of the history, the "Garmin" Inreach product line was purchased from DeLorme, and although the device has been rebadged, the software ...
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Writing to Garmin IMG format from FME or other tools

This wiki article from OpenStreetMap project is probably the best starting point also for non-OSM data. Unfortunately some new Garmin devices do ...
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How to customize the appearance of OSM maps on Garmin GPS device?

There are multiple questions you are posing: Is there any software (preferably free) I can use to make these changes? Yes. You can use TYPwiz. Is there any website where I can customize these ...
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Uploading GPX Files to GPS (Garmin) in QGIS

When exporting to gpx, choose Format = GPX, CRS = EPSG:4326 - WGS 84, don't use UTM, FORCE_GPX_TRACK = YES, these are essential. The CRS must be WGS84 and the EPSG for your area.
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ArcMap field mapping with Garmin GPS, Connectivity Issue

I question why you need to hook up a GPS to desktop ArcMap. Such an approach is archaic and was really the first attempts for mobile mapping before the rise and popularity of tablets and the ever more ...
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How can I use OpenTopoMap Garmin Maps files with Leaflet?

You could use your own local tile server. Here is a complete walk-through how to set up a OpenTopoMap tile server: You could ...
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Putting gps waypoints into QGIS?

QGIS has as well a function to import the GPS points directly from the GPS. Check the menu toolbar for Vector - GPS - GPS tools. There you have to browse for your GPX file, which is saved on your GPS ...
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Putting gps waypoints into QGIS?

Great thing about QGis, it's a lot about drag & drop. Assuming you have your waypoins in any form of text file, preferably a csv-file, you can either just drag it into QGis, or you can import it ...
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Edit Garmin .img File

I've used mkgmap to make IMG files for my Edge 810, but mkgmap needs to start with OpenStreetMap OSM files rather than GPX, so you would have to convert and edit your GPX data to OSM using something ...
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