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Extracting one subdataset succeeds gdal_translate -of NetCDF NETCDF:"":chla Conversion of this extracted subdataset into GeoTIFF succeeds gdal_translate -of GTiff NETCDF:"":chla nc_sub.tif Subset files as NetCDF and GeoTIFF can be opened with QGIS Conversion of the GeoTIFF that is good for QGIS from EPSG:3411 into EPSG:4326 fails: ...


after some research i did the following: gdalwarp -s_srs "+proj=eqc +R=1737400" -t_srs "+proj=ortho +lat=90 +lon_0=0 +R=1737400" input.tif output.tif So basically what caused the error was the -s_srs definition. Since it was the moons dem I had to specify the Radius by +R=1737400. Hope this helps!


The main problem I see is that GDAL does not recognize the CRS/Transform information from the dataset. As such, transforming the dataset is not possible as the original information cannot be detected. So, you need to construct the CRS/Transform yourself. Step 0: Get the CRS of the dataset Based on the link you gave, this should be the CRS of the ...

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