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Difference between datatypes GEOMETRY and GEOMETRY(GeometryZ, 32618) in PostGIS

Your second example adds a type modifier-level constraint. It will prevent all attempts to store 2D or 4D geometries in that column, as well as any geometry that's not in CRS 32618. You can only store ...
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Draw line and calculate distance from each no adjoining side polygons to perpendicular nearest side polygon

This is an expression for drawing the lines using the Geometry by Expression tool (QGIS 3.36.2). It works also as a Geometry Generator symbol layer, but this causes difficulties when calculating and ...
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Difference between datatypes GEOMETRY and GEOMETRY(GeometryZ, 32618) in PostGIS

It depends on your needs. With GEOMETRY(GeometryZ, 32618) you can only insert geometries which have a Z coordinate in EPSG:32618. Otherwise the insert fails with errors: ERROR: Geometry SRID (32617) ...
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Geometry still set as point when creating lines in QGIS Geometry Generator

Geometry generator is for display only. You can use the same expression in the geometry by expression to create a new layer. See this post for a detailed comparison of the two.
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How to clip multipart polygons in ArcGIS Pro using editing tools

I'd attach script below to menu button and use it while editing ERASER layer only. Script will run instantly without asking for parameters, because there are none or, more accurately they are ...
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Algorithm for point to polygon distance calculations in shapely

The second option you mentioned is the case, so not only points are taken in account, also any position on any line segment. For illustration: both the distance of the green point and the red point to ...
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