In surveying, we called "the world file" the georeferenced portion of a file. It tells the GIS or mapping software where the file is located and at what scale to display it at. If a CAD drawing/file is georeferenced, it means this location and scale data is embedded in it and can be used to place its contents on the map appropriately. DXF file: ...


The look of the georeferencer may have changed since the tutorial was written. No automatic prompting happens but user must load the image and open the raster settings Press the globe icon and select the coordinate reference system


Your CAD drawing is a detailing some features or object distributed in Euclidean space. That drawing can reference some arbitrary datum like 'paper coordinates' (0, 0). That drawing can also be georeferenced to use the datum of a coordinate reference system datum like (0, 0) UTM. In the case of the UTM georeferenced drawing your features would have ...

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