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What worked for me is that I changed the resolution of my screen to anything lower and then back to my default resolution. The Georeferencer window was back immediately!


Unfortunately it seems QGIS (via GDAL) offers limited support for HDF-EOS5 (or HDF5 in general), and there are discussions about the issue in this GIS-SE. You may want to try these suggestions. Let me suggest a workaround using a software Panoply to get the data out of HDF5 and convert it into CSV. (So that you can read it in QGIS as a delimited text data). ...


The georeferencer plugin is a core plugin, so you don't need to install it. You just need to enable it, which is much easier. If you need access to other (non-core) plugins, see this questions for instructions to install a plugin without using the Plugin Manager: How to install a QGIS plugin when offline? How to enable an already installed plugin without ...


Happened the same here, but the screens were one above the other one. Switched them and the georeferencer appeared.

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