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CRS for georeferencing TCP flight maps of Spain

Both can be correct, but consider these: Setting up the correct parameters for the projection, anyone can use export to any different projections and everyone will get the same result. Using warp you ...
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Image Resolution degrading when georeferencing

You can directly load your PDF into the Georeferencer canvas. QGIS uses the GDAL config option GDAL_PDF_DPI to set the resolution of the PDF. The default value is 150. You can increase this value with ...
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Is it possible to georeference drone images in QGIS?

It is not a good idea to georeference distorted drone images in QGIS. Why don't you use an other open source software to generate true orthophoto from those images? For example OpenDroneMap or WebODM ...
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QGIS Georeferencer Failing to Compute Transform

I faced the same problem, Changing coordinate system in Georeferenced solved the problem.
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