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As user30184 said in comments, MapProxy works very nice! Now I have my offline layer cache! I'm using the easy Docker deploy:


An XYZ tiles layer is a directory structure published using a webserver. If you create the tile cache with geowebcache (as described) using the default file blob store, there will be a folder on your system with all the tiles in it. Next you need to publish this with a webserver, e.g. apache, nginx etc. The error you are getting is because you don't ...


I suspect this may be related to this open issue: geowebcache/issues/612 GitHub-user wonder-sk attributed the differences in the Y-value of TopLeftCorner to a piece of code at which is rounding the Y-value (but only if it is within 0.5% of an integer value). The issue discussion also contains a workaround suggested by user MiquelRS: ...


After some real world experience with this I can see that on rebooting the server or restarting Tomcat, GeoWebCache loses any current/pending tasks.

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