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I know there is a plugin available but I lost it (I don't remember the name) in one of my updates of QGIS (I have to recover it). However, you can run a following little script in Python Console to do that. import requests service_url = "{x}&y={y}&z={z}" service_uri = "type=xyz&zmin=0&zmax=...


please try to follow following steps, give the CRS as WGS 84 (Google earth prefer this CRS) within Select fields to export and their export options please tick the only attributes you require, i.e. remove the unwanted attributes with in Geometry please select polygon from the drop down then try to export the file.


Sure. See, it has all the details.


The discrepancy is due to registration issue as pointed by @Vince. I checked some other places and, globe view and flat view seem to agree there quite well; which also means both uses WGS84 for the datum as pointed by @FSimardGIS.

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