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Google Street View in Google Earth - clickable

I don't believe you can make it clickable, but you could try adding place markers (pin icon) to different areas which you can add descriptions of areas to and mark important locations. If you could ...
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How can I extract AGL data from a Foreflight generated KML

This is python function that I use to parse the foreflight KML file. Function to parse the KML file def parse_kml_file(kml_file): tree = ET.parse(kml_file) root = tree.getroot() # Register the ...
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Opening more than one KML in a single Google Earth instance from the Linux command line

You could use a NetworkLink and point to a local file. The link href doesn't have to be http/s, it can also be a relative or absolute path to a kml with live data e.g. in "link.kml" have a ...
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Seeing place names in Google Earth Pro?

just close google earth and open again and it fixes it. its some cache issue.
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Google Earth doesn't accept WMS Cadastrial Layers (ITALY)

The issue is that service doesn't support EPSG:4326 (WMS 1.1.1) or CRS:84 (WMS 1.3.0). Google Earth requires this CRS to be able to work. See Google Earth WMS fails for a fuller explanation
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