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Google Earth Engine Chart Error

As you can see in error message, it is mandatory to specify a scale or crs & crs_transform. In my case, I arbitrarily selected 1000 as scale and, your modified code looks as follows: Map.setCenter(...
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Is it possible to find the closest point that is on Google Street View

Yes, when using the Street View Static API you can specify both a location and a maximum radius in which the API should search for an image. location can be either a text string (such as Chagrin ...
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How to get polygon coordinates of a searched place in GoogleMaps?

As far as I know Google does not allow access to their raw data. However, town boundaries should be available on openstreetmap as well.
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Adding border around continents in custom map theme

You appear to be using a line Land boundary dataset for countries instead of a polygon dataset for countries. Here is a polygon dataset for countries = https://public.opendatasoft.com/explore/dataset/...

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