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Instead of using OpenLayersPlugin (which, as already mentioned, causes trouble sometimes and is experimental) I recommend to directly add XYZ Tiles of Google to QGIS: Create a new connection for XYZ Tiles in your QGIS Browser: Add a new Connection with the URL and give it a name: You can now add this service to your canvas: The connection is saved. So ...


You can also use XYZ tiles. In this video Klas Karlson explains how to load them. In the description of the video you have a a link for the python script, and you will have a lot of base maps that you can use. XYZ tiles are available in the browser pannel. If you do not see the browser pannel, go to view/...


if you want to use OpenLayersPlugin check experimental flag under settings (like @Joseph pointed out): If you want to use QuickMapServices then load the plugin and go to settings and then to the More services Tab and Click the "Get contributed pack"

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