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There are two settings that have to be right for the globe mode to work. First setting is Chrome browser hardware acceleration setting: Settings > Advanced > System > Use hardware acceleration when available > On Second setting is globe mode in Google Maps: Move mouse over Layers selection icon in the lower left corner: Click on More: Enable ...


You might want to look at which is hosted services for CartoDB


Correct coordinates in decimal degrees (DD) are: 52.519933 -1.8295 The format you provided is Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM) - see here to convert: Longitude is 1 49.770 west (as you know that Birmingham is west of Greenwich meridian), thus negative values - be sure to get that right.


I know it's been over a year but in case someone is still wondering, you can also try this github repo that worked for me:


This link: explains that the coordinates are lat-long * 1E7 (hence the "E7" designation). From that web page: We can also easily convert latitudeE7 and longitudeE7 by dividing by 1e7. 481265044/1e7 becomes 48.1265044 and 116593258/1e7 is 11.6593258 giving us the ...

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