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Is there a common method for measuring "curviness" of a line?

One measure is Sinuosity which is the line length divided by the shortest distance from the line start and end points: select id, st_length(geom)/st_distance(st_startpoint(geom), st_endpoint(...
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Is there a common method for measuring "curviness" of a line?

I'm not sure if this will be of great use to you, it might be too specific, but I have a function that tests for what I call cutbacks in lines. This is where a line bends more than a certain amount ...
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Get Lat,Lon,Elevation, and IMU data for DSLR camera

The Open Camera application for Android devices will record the location, elevation, and pitch, roll, and yaw and record those data to the image EXIF data. Of course, the elevation values will be ...
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How does a GPS device determine bearing?

Yes, I know this is an old topic, and I'm not answering the question as it was asked, but I hope the answer is useful to someone. Agricultural and construction equipment often has two independent GNSS ...
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