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I think the first port of call with this would be to check what your browser is telling you when you open your html file. In the browser open the file you create and hit F12. This will open the "developer" window of the browser (should work in Edge and Chrome). Head to the console and any errors in the html will present here. Next lets look at your ...


What, in fact, is a heatmap all about? Using a tool like Heatmap without understanding how it works and what it means is dangerous as you visualize something without knowing what it means. Then better abstain from using Heatmaps at all or first try to get an understanding of the fundamental concepts of a heatmap. See the following explanations and the ...


The rasters generated via the qgis:heatmapkerneldensityestimation tool are fine. Just needed to style the sudo color band with quantile color distribution & save this layer's styling as a <my_layer>.qml file for future rendering.


Basic idea Create an attribute that counts the no. of nearby points, than scale these values exponentially to reduce the range between min/max values so that you can set gradient stops properly. Be aware of the colors you use and reflet if the heatmap you create can be understood and interpreted in an appropriate way (details below). How you can solve the ...

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