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Snapping a point to a unique hexagon in QGIS

You can try the script below. Note: Before you do anything else, please make a backup copy of your point layer file in case of unexpected or undesired results (don't just duplicate the layer in the ...
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Snapping a point to a unique hexagon in QGIS

You can use the following script. It creates a new layer for the relocated points. # h: hexagon, p: point h_lyr = QgsProject.instance().mapLayersByName("Hexagons")[0] p_lyr = QgsProject....
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

You can play with it using my #30DayMapChallenge hexagon demo https://github.com/ThomasG77/30DayMapChallenge/blob/master/day4_hexagons/data/h3-processing.py Except the fact I do no use an UI, I ...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

I adapted @ThomasG77's 30 day challenge script into something that can be run from the Qgis processing toolbox. Using Uber's H3 hex grid system in Qgis https://github.com/maphew/code/tree/master/gis/...
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Points in Polygon missing from QGIS 2.16.x?

You can find it in the Processing > Toolbox > search for Count Points in Polygon Not sure why it's missing from the Vector menu...
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How to convert polygon into hexagonal grid?

You actually want a selection of the grid rather than a geometric modification of it so use Select by Location (one menu lower down under Vector Selection Tools) and chose intersects and contains to ...
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Hexagon Bounds - Where to get or how to create?

You can use MMQGIS plugin in QGIS to create an hexagon grid. Take a look in this post from Anita Graser: http://anitagraser.com/2012/03/04/mapping-density-with-hexagonal-grids/
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Hexagon binning using Google Maps

If you're pregenerating the hex information, as your question suggests, you could use my R package dggridR to generate the hexagons' boundaries. dggridR uses some rather complicated maths to tile the ...
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Counting points in polygon using separate attribute values in ArcGIS Pro

Intersect points with polygons Dissolve with statistics field unique: Unique—The number of unique values of the specified field will be counted
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Transforming admin units into hexagons: the assignment problem

I finally solved it by using another implementation of the Hungarian algorithm that completes even on larger datasets. Here's the full function: generateHexBins <- function( sdf, grid_type='...
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GeoServer hexagonal grid?

GeoServer does not have a hex binning functionality yet (it can be implemented, given enough dev resources). Last time I had to do hex binning on the cheap, I delegated everything to PostGIS using a ...
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Hexbins missing points, layer extent problem in graphical modeler?

Add a buffer around the extent of your point layer to really cover all points with the hexagon grid. The very shape of hexagons leads to the fact that not every column reaches up to the max. extent. ...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

Use the Create Grid tool in QGIS, and select hexagons. For a more thorough, but still brief walk-through, see Jonathan Soma's blog. (This is for creating a hex grid, it will not be specific to Uber'...
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Using Uber H3 hexagon grids in QGIS

There's the official https://github.com/uber/h3-py Python bindings for H3, a hierarchical hexagonal geospatial indexing system https://uber.github.io/h3/ but I haven't tried it myself.
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Hexabin map from multiple polygon layer

Thank you for help. I have to say that I am not that confortable with python language... So I had to tought of a diferent aproach: 1) INTERSECTed my Hexagonal grid with my polygons 2) Then I used ...
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Hexabin map from multiple polygon layer

By using PyQGIS, next code calculates, as area percentage of hexagonal (or part of it) feature layer, for each feature belongs to polygon_layer; equivalent to layer with buildings, roads, gardens, ...
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