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How to batch import geotagged photos into QGIS?

The images are geotagged and not georeferenced. There is a QGIS plugin called Vertical Photo Placer that will at least rotate the images for display in QGIS but this resulting image would not be the ...
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How to batch import geotagged photos into QGIS?

step: use the processing tool import geotagged photos step: set the markers symbol layer type to raster image marker and use the data definded override and use the attribute photo to get the path and ...
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When WMS renders grids, areas with no data are rendered in the color corresponding to the '0' value

Friends, I have resolved this issue. It requires modifying the 'Footprint Behavior' setting in the Layer Properties interface, under the 'Data' tab, to 'cut'. This option masks the layer extent based ...
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