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with cmd go to the pip folder, under C:\Python37\Scripts and then pip install gdal


I think the original poster's problem may have been because they included gdal-abi-x in their sudo apt-get install command. Apparently gdal-abi is a virtual package; not sure what that means but apt may have crapped out when it couldn't find gdal-abi. The original poster may have had more success if they left gdal-abi out and installed all the other ...


I just found out apparently the flatpak version of QGIS does not allow for new Python modules to be installed at all. It seems circumventing the broken QGIS repository with flatpak was a dead end after all. On top of that, in case others are having the same broken dependencies issue with the ubuntugis repo (and in my case the ltr release repo) the nightly ...


Open Anaconda Prompt and write the following command: conda install gdal. This will install osgeo where both gdal (to manipulate raster data) and ogr (to manipulate vector data) are stored.

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