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How to intersect lists or specify AND condition using Overpass QL

Filters could be chained: [out:json][timeout:250]; node["railway"="station"]["station"="subway"]({{bbox}})->.metros; node[&...'s user avatar
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Calculate area of intersecting polygons in QGIS

There is a tool called Overlap analysis. It should do the trick. A very nice description of the workflow is here:
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Calculate the ratio of intersection to union in using the field calculator in QGIS

Try something like this: with_variable( 'B', overlay_intersects( 'PolyB layer name / id', -- set inside quotes PolyB layer name or id $geometry )[0], area(intersection($...
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turfjs intersect line and polygon

Turf used to use the JSTS package to find the intersection, but switched over at some point. An example with JSTS: import { GeometryObject } from 'geojson'; import * as jsts from 'jsts'; export ...
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Set Operation `intersection` and return only one gdf

You can spatial join df2 to df1 and then select: from shapely.geometry import Polygon import geopandas as gpd polys1 = gpd.GeoSeries([Polygon([(0,0), (2,0), (2,2), (0,2)]), ...
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