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The proj4 library has an error identifying the difference between Israel TM Grid 2039 and IG 05/12 6991. Survey if Israel made a horrendous error and updated 2039 to include the new 7 parameter Coordinate Frame transformation, instead of the previous 3 parameter Molodansky, and left 6991 without the new and correct transformation. I've created the correct ...


It looks like it could be EPSG:2039 -- Israel Datum / Israeli Transverse Mercator Grid. That puts the closest point about 115km west of Haifa. However, this is pure speculation! Depending on the level of accuracy needed, the datum used is just as important as the projection. It could be they used the Israeli TM parameters, but the datum is different. Or ...


As of writing this answer, the only one I know of are the coastal cliffs between Herzliya and Hadera on OpenTopography


I would go with EPSG:4326 and use the lat/lon values provided for the corners and along the outer grid.


Unfortunately, there isn't a freely available, nation-wide polygon layer. You can try contacting MAPI regarding their Cadastral data which might have neighborhoods, or the CBS/MoI statistical region layer. (If you don't know what these are, search for them on govmap) Other than that, your only option is a point layer with neighborhood names as found in Open ...

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