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Strange black pixels scattered on terrain flattened image

They are not strange black pixels. You set min value of S1_terrainCorrected image to -30, but the image has values lower than -30. So those lower values pixels are displayed as black. You need to set ...
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Get extent of GeoJSON layer using OpenLayers

Another way to get the extent without transforming it into a Vector is as following: const geojson = <your geojson object> transformExtent( new GeoJSON().readGeometry(geojson).getExtent(), ...
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GEE error: Layer error: Pattern 'NDWI' did not match any bands

var dataset = ee.ImageCollection("users/mpangihutan/Jakarta"); function maskS2clouds(image) { var qa ='QA60'); // Bits 10 and 11 are clouds and cirrus, respectively. ...
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