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How do I write a GeoPandas dataframe into a single file (preferably JSON or GeoPackage)?

To write to GeoJSON: dataframe.to_file("output.json", driver="GeoJSON") To write to GeoPackage: dataframe.to_file("output.gpkg", driver="GPKG") Documentation is here, though somewhat sparse.
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Filtering GeoJSON data to include in Leaflet map

The L.GeoJson class has a built in filter option that you can use to filter your data. Just pass it a function that will return true for the features you want to show: var picnic_parks = L.geoJson(...
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Generating random coordinates in multipolygon in Python?

With Shapely: https://shapely.readthedocs.io/en/latest/manual.html#polygons The polygon in code below must be Polygon object. import random from shapely.geometry import Point def generate_random(...
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Get a JSON return from a Overpass API call

You can't get a JSON result from the XAPI-compatibility endpoint. Instead, use the standard Overpass API (“interpreter”) endpoint and put the [out:json]; at the very start of your ql query: https://...
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Import unknown text polygon format to QGIS

Interesting. It is obviously not a CSV content, but a JSON. If you use the following script to convert the file content to a layer in QGIS Python Editor, you get a polygon as in the image. Edit: OK. ...
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Import unknown text polygon format to QGIS

First, the syntax of your data is JSON. But it's not the common GeoJSON representation, which would be easy to work with. It looks a bit like ESRI JSON, which uses "attributes" and "...
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Convert GeoJSON polygon to point before rendering in Leaflet Map

You can use Turf.js to calculate the centroids of the polygons. Just include it in your HTML head. In my case, I am using the CDN: <script src="https://unpkg.com/@turf/[email protected]/turf.min.js">&...
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Working with complex JSON attributes in QGIS

In recent QGIS versions (> 3.3), if you have a JSON field in a PostgreSQL database, you can use the map_get function anywhere with the Expression Dialog to extract a specific value. E.g if you have a ...
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Converting ArcGIS Server JSON to GeoJSON?

ArcGIS now supports GeoJSON Now ArcGIS Server (since 10.4) and ArcGIS Online has GeoJSON through ArcGIS Rest API URL. All you need to do is set f=geojson in the URL and configure the service. Be aware,...
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QGIS does not show the Geometry Collection Polygons from JSON file

The file is not corrupt. QGIS does not support GeometryCollection as a valid geometry type. You will have to parse it. Here is a related answer. Something like this will get you to the data: with ...
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GeoJSON not displaying in QGIS

This JSON file is not a valid GeoJSON. It is a FeatureCollection with 56 Features, but 3251 geometries A valid GeoJSON Feature format is (with 1 geometry for 1 feature and the fundamental keys/tags '...
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GeoServer and PostgreSQL JSON column

For those wondering, at version 2.13.0, GeoServer started supporting HStore and JSON columns for PostGIS data stores. The site says: The PostGIS data store now has simple support for HStore and ...
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GeoJSON java library

Another alternative is GeoGson, which is built on top of Google's Gson: Geometry geometry = new GsonBuilder() .registerTypeAdapterFactory(new GeometryAdapterFactory()) .create() ...
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How to create JSON file from GeoJSON

GeoJSON is technically already in JSON format. What do you need to do with the data? You can save GeoJSON data to a file with a .json extension. You can also encode the GeoJSON data to get a string ...
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How can I convert KMZ file to JSON?

If you include jsZip and toGeoJson in the header of your page and add this to the body <input type="file" id="f"> <textarea id="output" rows="20" cols=&...
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Applying JSON style from URL to Vector in OpenLayers

The easiest way to do this is to use the ol-mapbox-style plugin. It has an API that allows you to use Mapbox Style JSONs as style for a specific layer (like in your snippet), but it also allows you to ...
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Create map using Leaflet and JSON

You have a JSON but Leaflet really likes geoJSONs, so you should convert the JSON to geoJSON first, or directly load a geoJSON. So for your example, if you have: var data =[{ "latitud": 43....
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US Cities (from JSON) and USA––Same CRS, Wrong Projection

The problem appears to be here: geometry = [Point(xy) for xy in zip(cities_df['latitude'], cities_df['longitude'])] Latitude is y, longitude is x. Just swap the keys. You can see the transposition ...
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How to open REST/JSON service in QGIS?

The JSON returned from that URL does not look like it conforms to any standard format. Any system that could map from that URL would have to know it was an array, with an array of "weatherStations" ...
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How do I write a GeoPandas dataframe into a single file (preferably JSON or GeoPackage)?

@toms' answer is perfect -- which I've used for creating my geopackage, btw. Now that I've learned, I want to add to the discussion: GeoDataFrame's to_file method has the following signature: >&...
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Create map using Leaflet and JSON

As an alternative to @Joran's approach, you can skip GeoJSON completely and just iterate through the points, creating instances of L.LatLng and L.Marker as you go, like: var points = [{ "...
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Setting names for attributes in properties in json returned by postgresql

I like to use the json_build_object function. SELECT row_to_json(fc) FROM ( SELECT 'FeatureCollection' As type, array_to_json(array_agg(f)) As features FROM ( SELECT 'Feature' As type , ...
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How to download OSM 3D building data?

The .osm.pbf data from Geofabrik conatins ALL OSM data, including the 3D information to render the buildings. You just need the suitable rendering software for it. https://osmbuildings.org/developer/ ...
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z-index order tile layer and json layer

Read the Leaflet tutorial on map panes. Panes in Leaflet 1.0.x allow exactly what you are asking for: controlling the stacking order of groups of layers. See also https://stackoverflow.com/questions/...
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GeoJSON not displaying in QGIS

I see the same thing (QGIS 2.18.3) It's all on one line, so I pretty-printed using python 3.5 at the command line... python3.5 -m json.tool ./counties.geojson | less here's what the first few lines ...
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Extracting data from ArcGIS REST endpoint

You need to make a request to the ?query endpoint of the layer, and supply a where clause. Specify &f=json to receive the response in JSON. Note that ArcGIS Server by default only returns the ...
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Better performance for geohash aggregation with PostGIS

In PostgreSQL, common table expressions are always materialized. (This will change in version 12.) To allow more optimizations, move bbox into a view, or inline it as a subquery: SELECT COUNT(name), ...
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QGIS not exporting JSON to GeoJSON format

No need for QGIS here. Imagining you have a recent PostgreSQL and PostGIS 3+ (because of function ST_AsGeoJSON), in the command line, you can use the following psql -t test_postgis3 <<EOF > /...
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Importing JSON data from Internet directly to QGIS

Have a look at https://www.tutorialspoint.com/downloading-files-from-web-using-python and Add layer to map in qgis3 via a python script As the first part of your question was really about Python -it ...
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GeoJSON will load from variable, but not from file in OpenLayers

When used in a Vector source the GeoJSON parser will attempt to transform coordinates from the default data projection for GeoJSONs (CRS:84) to the view projection. As your coordinates are already in ...
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