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Looks like you need two things to change your placemark icon and increase the size of the label text (If I understand your intention correctly). First, fix your styleUrl reference, and then construct the necessary style tags. Your current Placemark contains two <styleURL> tags, so it's probably using the second one, which references "My_Style&...


Here my solution, entirely in QGIS (version >= 3.14, for versions >= 3.0 and < 3.14, maybe few adjustments are needed). The solution is to create a points grid in QGIS and retrieve data from JavaScript functions and update each point. The entry parameters of the function are : QGIS interface iface The solar eclipse elements, you can find it in the ...


Demo: SOLUTION: This is a two-step solution, Step 1: Browser (JavaScript). It copies the popup text to the clipboard. Step 2: QGIS (Python). It gets the text from the clipboard, parses to obtain latitude and longitude, then adds the point to the active layer. In Browser: Open the website. Open DevTools Ctrl+Shift+C. Source > Snippets > New snippet &...


Use Vector - Geometry Tools - Lines to Polygon. This will close all polylines (join the last point to the first). Then export to KML

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