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if there are too many subfolders created on google earth (.kml), Arcmap won't be able to generate (.lyr) files for them all so the error appears. the solution that worked for me {divide the subfolders on many .kml files not only one and start converting each on alone}


Okay as I found there is not an easy route, I used "Mygeodata" convert tool which cost $9. I also reprocessed the original data in webodm. I haven't tried using the 7-zip method mentioned. Its a shame, as the kzm file in google earth is very easy to work with, and only 160mb. The geotiff produced is 700mb which makes qgis very slow to render.


One option: Unzip the KMZ file using 7-Zip or another unzipping software that can read KMZ. In QGIS, use the "Import geotagged photos" tool and import the folder of images that were unzipped from the KMZ. A new point shapefile with a filename attribute of the corresponding photo in the images folder will be created, and you can use that to cross-...

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