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Defining extent to limit labeled area in QGIS

You can set the data defined "Show label" in the "Rendering" category with the expression intersects(layer_property('smaller_layer', 'extent'), $geometry) to do this. Without ...
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Defining extent to limit labeled area in QGIS

You can use Rule-based labeling with this expression as the rule filter within( $geometry, layer_property('raster', 'extent') )
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Label placement with callouts in QGIS

Regarding point 3: If your intention was to use a geometry generator for the symbol to make it behave like a polygon in terms of label settings, that won't work. You need to use the geometry ...
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Using label placement via PyQGIS

The QgsVectorLayer class has no method like placement. However, the QgsPalLayerSettings does. I suppose you are trying to apply this LabelPlacement mode. Just add this settings.placement = Qgis....
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Create multiple callout lines from a single label

Create a multi-point layer: Then, in this order: define your label style, move the labels select Draw lines to all feature parts: Result: This is somewhat trick, as it seems not all multi-parts ...
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Changing font size of all labels in annotated attribute table in ArcGIS Pro to be one size

Another option is to access the Symbology of the Annotation layer. Under "Symbol Substitution" > double-click the grey box in "Substitute symbols in collection" > then ...
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QGIS data defined labelling using attribute fields in shapefile

I found the answer myself. My overall setting for the labelling of the line objects was parallel labelling which requires anchor settings in order to determine where on the lines the labels should be ...
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