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Key difference in Sandipan's answer is that he is working with points, whereas the person who is asking is referring to districts (alluding to polygons). FYI


You may use the HTML frame. Add a frame and add an expression like this Really cool map of [% @layout_name %] printed on [% format_date(now(),'dd.MM.yyyy')%] UPDATE (after Erik's comment): Really cool map of [% @layout_name %] printed on [% format_date(@project_creation_date,'dd.MM.yyyy')%] Gives in my case


Here you go: This is a rad map of [% @layout_name %], created on [%format_date(now(),'dd.MM.yyyy')%] Feel free to browse the field calculator's function-trees, since the help/examples offered are rather easy to understand.


When you use the move tool to move a label, changing its position using the label position options inside the properties will not have any effect. This is because the move tool uses x and y coordinates to fix its position based on the x and y coordinates identifies in the attribute table. Personally, I rarely use the move tool to change label positions, I ...


I would create a new field "VILLAGE_NUMBER" and fill it with the number you want to see for each village then use it for labeling. Then in the legend area you just have to show the attribute table with only two field : the village name field and the new village number field


Function FindLabel ( [NAME], [Label] ) if ( [Label] = 1) then FindLabel =( [NAME]) end if End Function VB parser


As J.R. pointed out, the feature mentioned in the 3.2 changelog is a LEGEND feature, meaning that the text is added on top of the legend, not on the map symbology. ahmadhanb perfectly explained how to implement this feature. If you want to display text on top of the map symbols, see below. Here's how to add text on top of the symbols on the map: Method ...


Right-click the the target layer -> Properties -> Legend and click on Set Labels from expression: In expression you can write whatever you want, for example: substr( "FieldName",4,1) Click Apply and OK Output:

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