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Untwine error: Can't refer reader for a LAS file (Point Cloud File)

Indeed the CRS for the Hong Kong data is problematic for PDAL (and PROJ). Luckily, I have already processed all of the HK data into EPT for my own use and put it online.
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How to fill pits for a DEM/CHM when using the LAScatalog engine?

What you are trying to do is to apply a custom function on the catalog. This should look like this (not tested) chm_pit_filled = function(las, resolution) { chm = rasterize_canopy(las, resolution, ...
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Reclassify points in a LAS file using laspy

You need to use the numpy index syntax to this, not a loop : import laspy las ="filtered plots/plot_37.las") height_threshold = 333 # Classification set to "1" if the ...
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