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The coordinates are based on the NAD27 datum, converted to UTM zone 11N. You can use the TAGIS Converter to see them and get the WGS 84 geographic coordinates.


The Maprika app ( allows you to georeference a ski-map to the real world. In the app, you can then see your own location on that ski map, as a dot. Maprika offers design software for your phone (android/ios) and windows pc. It also has a community, so chances are someone has already done the ...


I found a Python Library called utm 0.5.0. The module in that library seems to do the trick. I've modified the code by removing the reference to numpy and the custom OutOfRangeError library. import math as mathlib __all__ = ['to_latlon', 'from_latlon'] K0 = 0.9996 E = 0.00669438 E2 = E * E E3 = E2 * E E_P2 = E / (1.0 - E) SQRT_E = ...


As @Vince suggested, Google Maps uses WGS84. And as @mkennedy pointed out, the SRID of WGS84 is 4326 ( Therefore, the SQL to generate the hyperlink/URL would be: select '' || chr(38) || 'layer=c' || chr(38) || 'cbll=' || latitudey_dd || ',' || longitudex_dd as street_view_url from ( select ...


The department hosting this doesn't appear to have released such detailed information online. It may be for privacy reasons. You can try to reach out to them directly to determine whether the information is available for your project or under specific data use agreements. Here is the webpage with their contact information:


Just a sample... You could just divide by 10000000 and that'll work latitudeE7 = c(205912610, 205913478) longitudeE7 = c(-1034513483, -1034513949) coords <- data.frame(latitudeE7, longitudeE7) coords / 10000000 latitudeE7 longitudeE7 1 20.59126 -103.4513 2 20.59135 -103.4514


I tried several coordinate systems for Florida and the various State Plane Florida East zone but the coordinates just didn't seem to fit. Google kept finding the address in Hempstead, NY, so I tried the Long Island zone, unit of US survey feet, and the results look good. Try EPSG::6539 for the NAD83 (2011) version or EPSG::2908 for NAD83 (HARN). For the ...


The "USGS Map Indices Downloadable Data Collection" hosts a wide variety of resolutions of lat/long grids. As stated on their data download page: This data consists of data grids for the entire United States area, including 1 X 2 Degree, 1 X 1 Degree, 30 X 60 Minute, 15 X 15 Minute, 7.5 X 7.5 Minute, and 3.75 X 3.75 Minute. The grid was generated ...


This error is extremely confusing, but it is thrown when the in- or output projection is not set. Check your crs and crsGeo to check if they are not an empty. If so, try updating pyproj, setting your PROJ_LIB correctly etc.

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