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Displaying two different layers in the same coordinate systems in QGIS

The problem seems to be a CRS issue: you probably (wrongly) changed the layer's CRS what you should never do if you're not really 100% sure what you do: see here for details. Whenever a layer does not ...
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QGIS rotate/translate features on several layers with different geometries simultaneously

This solution could be a little bit complex and long, it only work with single part geometries and with polygon without inner rings. If you need to translate features multiple times then it could work ...
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Layers corrupted after saving, closing and opening of QGIS project with PyQGIS

I had missed adding the layer to the project, so it wasn't truly part of the project, it just appeared to be. The answer was to add the layer to the project without rendering it, and then add the ...
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3 of 6 1m_DEMs not loading; CRS issue

I have found the source maps in question have corrupted Band 1 metadata. The maximum and minimum elevation are just gobbledygook. It had nothing to do with CRS conversion.
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QGIS crashes when I set the labels

You can't use the same QgsVectorLayerSimpleLabeling instance to label two different layers. You currently have: edificiIdonei.setLabeling(etichette) terrFiltrati.setLabeling(etichette) I suspect ...
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