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In the Layer pannel, there is an icon in form of an eye : Manage Map Themes (documentation) : By clicking on it, you can see the option for display / mask the selected layers. You can also go to the Settings menu > Shortcuts, find these options (one for display selected, one for mask selected) and affect the shortcut you want. PyQGIS code : Copy and ...


A RAT is just a table that crosswalks the numeric values contained in an integer raster to descriptive attributes. It is not realistic to have a RAT for a true floating-point raster (eg., elevation) and really does not make much sense to. If one wants to represent a process as nominal than you just reclassify it into the desired ranges. A good way to ...


Leaflet has no built in functionality to specify alternative tile layer url to be used in case of tile loading error from primary url. A look at L.GridLayer and L.TileLayer objects internals shows that individual tiles are loaded asynchronously by specifying HTML element source for each tile. To specify general alternative url to be used in the case of ...


I would do it something like: def get_area(feature): return feature.GetGeometryRef().GetArea() features = [] for feature in dst_layer: features.append(feature) output = sorted(features, key=get_area, reverse=True)[:10]

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