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Deleting GeoPackage vector layers and releasing open file handles with PyQGIS

You might need to provide more of your code -- specifically, where are you attempting to overwrite the file. At first glance, I suspect that the reason the file is remaining open is that calling ...
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Issues loading a project with large non-local data in QGIS

Before you do any of this make sure you take a backup of your project file As your file is a .qgz, first rename the file to change the extension to .zip. You can then extract the .qgs file from within....
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Comparing two different layers with duplicates in QGIS

If you want to compare based on the attribute values only, I made this script for the plugin toolbox. It selects your option of features that are in one or both layers, and takes user input for the ...
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Layers corrupted after saving, closing and opening of QGIS project with PyQGIS

I had missed adding the layer to the project, so it wasn't truly part of the project, it just appeared to be. The answer was to add the layer to the project without rendering it, and then add the ...
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Loading comma separated value into QGIS 3.36.3 is problematic

I just found the reason! The QGIS defaults for loading a CSV were the culprit. The solution was to choose 'Custom delimiters' and turn off the 'Space' checkmark. Second, the 'Discard empty fields' in ...
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Displaying two different layers in the same coordinate systems in QGIS

The problem seems to be a CRS issue: you probably (wrongly) changed the layer's CRS what you should never do if you're not really 100% sure what you do: see here for details. Whenever a layer does not ...
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Khmer Language is not properly displayed in layer fields in QGIS

Shapefile is an old format with many limitations. One of them is the Unknown character set: There is no way to specify the character set used in the database. Many applications are using the old ...
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