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Your data is not a regular grid, you have missing points. The XYZ format description specifies "no missing value is supported". Below is an image of a small section of the western edge of the data visualised as points showing the missing values. To convert your data to raster, you can use gdal_grid. gdal_grid doesn't support the full range of OGR open ...


Is it possible to use other software? I mean CloudCompare. It is free software that will generate geotiff quickly and easily in a few clicks. I made a simple gif with sample asc file:


This was a bug fixed in version 2.1.4. In short in R when you subset a matrix you get a matrix (that makes sense) but when you subset a single row you get a vector instead of a 1 x n matrix. R's behavior is inconsistent. In rare cases you may have a single remaining triangle in pitfree(). This is why you got an internal error not a matrix. This case is now ...

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