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Repeat a linestring across a farm field at 40 inch intervals to use for pixel values

You can use the processing toolbox for that: there is a tool Array of offset (parallel) lineswhich will do the job for you. Just define the first line, the nummer of repeats and the distance between ...
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Merging LineString with MultiLineString with Python

An approach that works for me, based on the answer of @hornbydd, is: merged = MultiLineString([linestring for linestring in multilinestring.geoms] + [candidate]) …where candidate is a LineString. But,...
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How to bind two sf objects based on matching values in one column in r

Given these two sample objects: > t1 Simple feature collection with 1 feature and 2 fields Geometry type: LINESTRING Dimension: XY Bounding box: xmin: 1 ymin: 6 xmax: 5 ymax: 10 CRS: ...
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Splitting MultiLine or LineString into equal segments of particular length using GeoPandas and shapely

Building on @ljaniec's comment using Shapely >= 2.0.1 and shapely.segmentize. My environment information Python 3.11.8 | packaged by conda-forge | (main, Feb 16 2024, 20:40:50) [MSC v.1937 64 ...
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