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My mistake! I forgot to include p1 into a list. This code works st_polygon(list(p1)) POLYGON ((0.4240843 0.6460535, 0.316801 0.6083381, 0.394125 0.851623, 0.4240843 0.6460535))


Double check the geometry type returned by your line object in QGIS 3.8. The xAt() method belongs to the QgsLineString class and won't work with a QgsMultiLineString object. You can easily access the x coordinate of the first vertex of your line features like this: layer = iface.activeLayer() print( all_features = layer.getFeatures() for ...


You can directly produce features of concentric buffers as polygons by using linspace method from numpy python module. As you have in your attributes table 1440 features, I know that, in your case, polygon sides number is 360 for each one of your concentric buffers. Algorithm for extracting points for each polygon features is easily inferred; as it can be ...

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