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Installing QGIS3 on Mac?

NEW UPDATE QGIS3 can now be installed from osgeo's homebrew tap, which saves mucking about with python symlinks... i.e. brew tap osgeo/osgeo4mac brew install qgis Then type qgis in the terminal to ...
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Installing QGIS3 on Mac?

If you have installed Python3 with Homebrew, you can use symlinks to comply with the installer needs (as suggested by @shongololo). It seems, the installer needs Python3 installed at (thanks @...
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Installing GDAL on MacOSX?

So far brew install gdal --HEAD resulted in $ ogr2ogr --version GDAL 2.1.0dev, released 2015/99/99
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Map display not filling window in QGIS on Mac?

I have the same (OS X 10.11, Qgis 3.2.2). What I'm doing is opening a new map window (View / New Map View), anchoring it to the top or side edge, resizing it and closing it again. This causes the ...
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Launching multiple instances of QGIS (Mac)?

This is not necessarily specific to QGIS but is a question I often get with QGIS users needing to reference two projects at the same time. open a terminal window and type: open -n /Applications/QGIS....
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Exporting map to PDF or SVG in QGIS

If you want to export to PDF then you will need to create a composer window first. 'File'-> 'New Print Composer'. Once you have done this and have a new print composer then you can add a map. The ...
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Map display not filling window in QGIS on Mac?

This is a bug. Install an earlier version or wait for it to be fixed. Update: This Mac-specific bug brought attention to the fact that the QGIS has not been as well supported as for Windows as for ...
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QGIS won't read table columns in CSV import on Mac OS

I had the same problem of QGIS reading a CSV file (saved from MS Excel 2011 on my Mac) as a single row. So, I re-saved the Excel worksheet as "Windows Comma Separated (.csv)" and QGIS was able to ...
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Instructions for QGIS Mac Installation?

It it is one of the solutions, that of KyngChaos (William Kyngsburie), but there are others (remember that Mac OS X is an Unix system). I shall try to be as as complete as possible. The KyngChaos ...
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What is the "command line" in QGIS on Mac?

The command line lives in two places. It depends on how you decide you'd like to start scripting and automating tasks that are often tedious or time consuming when done manually. First place is in ...
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Why does the Select by expression dialog not show field values?

The information you are looking for is hidden in a panel that is collapsed/minimized on the right-hand side of the dialog. Here's how you can access it:
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Installing older versions of QGIS on Mac

The .tar.bz2 files are basically the source code for QGIS. You only really need to download these if you want to build QGIS yourself. If you want to download an older version of QGIS for Mac, try the ...
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QGIS 3 on Mac OS - Where is the configuration directory?

From the Settings Menu, User Profiles, select "Open active profile folder". You'll be taken straight there.
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Online POSTGRESQL database error "undefined symbol: GEOSFrechetDistanceDensify"

I had a similar issue on Centos 7 with PG 11 and Postgis 2.5 while dump/updating the database. In my case 'yum remove geos36' solved it. Hope this helps or at least give you an in sight! M.
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Finding GRASS module after upgrading QGIS (Mac)?

I have figured this out and thought it best to post the answer for future users. Firstly, I right clicked on my QGIS application and selected 'Show Package' to show the subfolders within the ...
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Using ArcPy on MacBook?

ArcPy is a site package bound to a release of Python associated with ArcGIS Desktop (Windows -- 32-bit or 64-bit, with Background Geoprocessing installed) or ArcGIS Server (Windows and Linux -- 64-bit)...
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Plugin causes QGIS to crash on startup

It's the plugin processing. QGIS 2.14 comes with a mechanism that deactivates plugins if they did not successfully load on QGIS startup. This points out a potential problem in the plugin. Save your ...
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Options for visualizing LiDAR data on (Mac) OS X?

Some options: Cloud Compare: Open-source visualization software. A third-party pre-built executable for Mac is available from, or you can build from source. Includes ...
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Set path to SAGA from QGIS on OSX

Your main problem is that the SAGA version you have installed (5.0.0) as shown in your screen shot, is not supported. As of (I think) QGIS 2.18, only the SAGA Long Term Release (currently 2.3.2) is ...
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TIN Interpolation plugin in QGIS 3.0

According to the changelog, the TIN interpolation plugin has been removed, as it is now part or QGIS core. To find it in Qgis 3.0, open the processing toolbox and search for Interpolation -> TIN ...
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Installing Python modules for QGIS 3 on Mac

from Download for Macos These packages use the Python 3, version 3.6, the "macosx10.9" build - other distributions are not supported. Install Python before installing QGIS. 1) To know ...
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Creating a Canopy Height Model (CHM) image from a LAS file on Mac?

I ended up with this solution with PDAL and GDAL: First I used liblas to create LAS containing only ground points. Then I used PDAL similar to the "Basic Example" but with output_type: max to create ...
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How to get QGIS to start up?

I had the same issue and removed QGIS by using free software "AppCleaner" from I then downloaded the last version from KingChaos (2.18.2-1) and installed step-by-step. Now, I have ...
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gdal.VectorTranslate returns an empty file

Your JSON is invalid - you have entered the "coordinates" key twice. You are trying to read from a different file than you are writing to. You are trying to write to out.json which will be a file on ...
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Installing QGIS3 on Mac?

I followed the link that came with the QGIS installer to and installed python3 that way. The QGIS installer was then happy. This seems to be contradicted by comments ...
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Using a custom font with the QGIS Composer

QGIS uses the fonts that are installed on your computer. When you have downloaded the font, right-click the .otf file and select 'install'. When you close and open QGIS again, the font should be there....
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Importing Google coordinates to QGIS but can't select X/Y field, because coordinates are shown in one row

The separator in your CSV is a semicolon. In 'File format' instead of selecting 'Tab' select 'Semicolon' (highlighted) and the coordinates will appear in separated columns.
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Installing QGIS to virtual environment?

Go Docker! I would suggest to use a containerized solution. You can for example run a full-fledge, stand-alone QGIS in a Docker container; it is very simple! Start here and customize the ...
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Wrong value for parameter "OTB folder"

OTB doesn't come bundled with the QGIS install, only the ability to interact with it. To install OTB you'll need to follow the OTB install instructions, which you can find here: https://www.orfeo-...
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Getting list of coordinates for points in layer using QGIS?

Virtual layers enables you to do exactly that. It is an icon on the Layers Toolbar or you can go Layer->Add layer->Add/Edit Virtual Layer...` Then you will face a window like the one below: In the ...
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