Can refer to a point on a map, or Microsoft's MapPoint product.

The term "map point" has multiple meanings, and this tag has been used for most of them:

  1. It is often used as a generic term for a point on a map. A point is usually referenced using two or three values. Eg. Longitude, latitude, and an optional elevation. Multiple points are then used to create lines, polylines, polygons, etc.

  2. Some geospatial APIs use "map-point" (or a variation thereof) as a class name for an object that contains geospatial point information.

  3. MapPoint is/was the flagship mapping product from Microsoft. This was the business equivalent to their consumer-oriented Streets&Trips product, and was designed to work well with Microsoft Office products. The original version dated from circa 2000, and the final version MapPoint 2013 was withdrawn from sale at the end of 2014.