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Mapcache: ValueError: unsupported format character 'j' (0x6a) at index 55

The error was in my template variable syntax... And the letter "j" put me on its trail ! In the configuration, url: is ...
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Cache OpenStreetMap tiles with MapCache

In the MapCache terminology, service refers to protocols used for querying local MapCache and source refers to protocols used for querying remote servers. XZY Tiles services like OSM can be accessed ...
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Map cache supertile boundaries

There is a tool for this starting at 10.1. 😉
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Is there any way to install and run Google Earth Pro totally offline?

Theoretically this should be possible, but I don't think it's an officially supported install method. One thing to check is that you are getting a cache from a machine that is running the exact same ...
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mapcache_seed - "No space left on device"

Disk Space and Inodes Even though the space is not entirely used, the inodes were. The df -i command revealed the problem: /dev/sda1 2550912 104722 2446190 5% / /dev/sdb1 3932160 ...
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mapcache timeout does not work

It could also be an apache setting. eg: Reducing the size and metatiling can also help
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Evaluation of existing map cache servers

Go for MapProxy. I used TileCache and GeoWebCache in the past and Mapproxy is far better. Great performances and small footprint Quite simple to understand and configure You can by-pass Mapproxy ...
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Identifying missing tiles on basemap on ArcGIS Server?

Some times a missing tile isn't really missing. ArcGIS sometimes creates a completely black tile. You can identify these tiles by finding all of the JPEG files in your exploded cache that have a ...
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Cache OpenStreetMap tiles with MapCache

I can read from the documentation A source is a service mod-mapcache can query to obtain image data. This is typically a WMS server accessible by a URL. ...
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MapServer, Mapcache and WMS

Allright, forget that question. ¶ The answer is: Not the WMS-URL should be opened in the client but the url to the mapcache-software: ¶ e.g.: ¶ var wmsSource = new ImageWMS({ url: 'http://...
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Configuring TileCache on Windows and Linux

After struggling one week I'm able to configure tilecache in Linux o.s. I also tested alongwith OL3 and working fine. The main problem is that the it is not reading tilecache.cfg files from correct ...
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Some interior tiles don't render

So I had a similar problem getting 500 responses for some tiles but mine was with a LINE layer that I was drawing labels on. Ended up being a clipping error and adding PROCESSING "LABEL_NO_CLIP=True" ...
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Mapcache + SQLite

The WMS parameters require LAYERS, as < LAYERS >layer1,layer2< /LAYERS >. Thus, to create a cache for each layer you must create a source with each of the layers, and associate each cache, ...
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exploded or compact storage format for cached orthophotos?

ArcGIS Server Log Parser should help you in this regard. Try to hit both services independently and then use the log parser to see the response times. The compact format should deliver better ...
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Mapcache <template> or <grid> directive

Your resolutions do not look correct. Try: <resolutions>156543.0339280410 78271.51696402048 39135.75848201023 19567.87924100512 9783.939620502561 4891.969810251280 2445.984905125640 1222....
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Mapcache: how to calculate the x,y position of a tile?

At end, it was simple. go to your mapcache server to obtain the list of layers: http://mapcacheserverurl/mapcache/tms/1.0.0/ get information about layer: http://mapcacheserverurl/mapcache/tms/1.0.0/...
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Set maxzoom in mapcache, but get error when I restart apache server

You need to define the resolutions for zoom levels: Example (You need to define yours): <resolutions>0.703125000000000 0.351562500000000 0.175781250000000 8.78906250000000e-2 4....
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Creating an Offline USGS Map Viewer

If your native map format is going to be USGS 7.5' quads, then the simplest solution is to make up an HTML index page like you show in your question, and have the name of each quad coded as a link to ...
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