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ol.source.MapQuest is not a constructor

MapQuest got removed because of their changes, see upgrade notes here ol.source.MapQuest removal Because of changes at MapQuest (see: https://...
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Aerial Image basemap: Problem with QGIS QuickMapServices Plugin MapQuest Layer

MapQuest no longer provide a tile server for free: Thus it cannot be used in QuickMapServices anymore. But the plugin can ...
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qml (or other) style for QGIS

Searching for "QGIS Style" on reveals a few repos with some style files in. The best of all these is probably Anita Graser's styles and related blog post:
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Set scale level of background map (QGIS)

If you want a less-populated map, you can take the STAMEN layers based on openstreetmap. Alternatively, you could take a snapshot of a lower zoom level with Save as Image, and add that as a raster ...
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Getting nearest Hospital information by using MapQuest API

30 mile search around the address, max results of 25 you can either skip the geocode and use the address for the origin, and it will geocode on the fly (ambiguities=ignore means it will take the best ...
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Mapquest API & OpenLayers markers

You can use your existing text file, along with the Leaflet GeoCSV plugin, with the following code. Do note that I'm using jQuery to load the text file. Additionally, you can replace the OSM Layer ...
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Seeking Metadata for MapQuest Light (OSM) Basemap?

It looks like a Mapbox style developed for Mapquest. I'd contact Mapbox about it.
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Adding Stamen global terrain maps to geonode

Using an slightly similar answer to a question on "How to use arcgis maps in Geonode" as well as a gist from Daniel Berry the solution is as follows. Add/replace the following section to the ...
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Change default layout in GeoExplorer from MapQuest to something else

You can use my composer.html file (which I can not send you here) and replace original file with this one. See last part with osm and compare with that section in original file. &...
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Mapquest - Distance Matrix presist Data

I ended up posting it on the MapQuest community forums and as per the Terms of Service - You cannot store any information from the MapQuest API.
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