Certainly yes but is difficult to guess how to do it even it is somehow documented in https://www.mapserver.org/mapfile/expressions.html The function to use is "tostring" tostring ( n1, “Format1” ) uses “Format1” to format the number n1 (C style formatting - sprintf). Example with field SQKM that contains areas in square kilometers with decimals. ...


I did some steps and with the help of @nmtoken I was able to fix it. I believe that my raster table had some problems maybe because I created it with complex geometries or maybe another reason. This time I changed the raster table I just simply used this codes in PostGIS to create a raster table from a single polygon: SELECT ST_AsRaster(geom, 100, 100 , '...


Just to add some additional clarity here for others following along with the tutorial... For Linux/Ubuntu: After installing Apache and PHP, you can copy the "ms4w" folder to an absolute path such as: /data/ms4w To load a map in your browser, the url would be something like:

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