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I am assuming that what you see is the result of invalid geometries inserted by whatever software created your "polygon mesh". f you try to compute area, then I expect that you will see negative results for some of the polygons. Using the Repair Geometry tool will fix it.


If you are interested only in polygons (do not care about its attributes), you can use unary_union to merge all polygons and then explode resulting multipolygon. from shapely.affinity import translate from shapely.geometry import Polygon import geopandas p0 = Polygon( [(0,0), (2,0), (2,2), (0,2)] ) p1 = translate(p0, xoff=1) p2 = translate(p0, xoff=4) df =...


The "error" was that the min max value was just "estimate" and not actual, and as the max value of original raster was just above 0.1 (0.010298) the setting of symbology of the layer (it was estimated) was defined in way that it was not showing the last cathegory (the 4th one) thats why I was missing all the time the last cathegory.

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