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How to merge sample points that are within a certain distance of each other and calculate mean attributes values for merged points in QGIS?

I'm not sure this is what you're looking for, but the GRASS GIS module v.neighbors might help. This module creates a raster, with cell size that you specify (15km in your case) where the value of each ...
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Rasterizing raster layers with style

You can export the project/map canvas as image: go to menu Project > Import/Export > Export Map to Image.... Make appropriate settings for resolution of the output raster an be sure to check the ...
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"Merge failed" error when merging polygons layers together in QGIS

Just check the overlapping vertexes, if any vertices is overlapping fix it and try again for merging. I did that and get the solution.
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Treat overlapping pixel when doing merge GeoTIFF images using Rasterio

The rasterio.merge function has an argument where you can specify the merging method. Availables are: first: reverse painting last: paint valid new on top of existing min: pixel-wise min of existing ...
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